Leetcode - Plus One Linked List

Leetcode - Remove Duplicates from Sorted List II

violet posted @ Aug 15, 2020 07:22:21 AM in 算法 with tags Algorithm Linked List java , 10891 阅读


Given a sorted linked list, delete all nodes that have duplicate numbers, leaving only distinct numbers from the original list.

Return the linked list sorted as well.

Example 1:

Input: 1->2->3->3->4->4->5
Output: 1->2->5

Example 2:

Input: 1->1->1->2->3
Output: 2->3


 * Definition for singly-linked list.
 * public class ListNode {
 *     int val;
 *     ListNode next;
 *     ListNode() {}
 *     ListNode(int val) { this.val = val; }
 *     ListNode(int val, ListNode next) { this.val = val; this.next = next; }
 * }
class Solution {
    public ListNode deleteDuplicates(ListNode head) {
        ListNode dummy = new ListNode();
        dummy.next = head;
        ListNode prev = dummy;
        ListNode node = head;
        while (node != null) {
            while (node.next != null && node.val == node.next.val) {
                node = node.next;
            if (prev.next == node) {
                prev = prev.next;
            } else {
                prev.next = node.next;
            node = node.next;
        return dummy.next;
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