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Leetcode - Angle Between Hands of a Clock

violet posted @ Jul 15, 2020 01:29:39 AM in 算法 with tags Algorithm Golang math , 388 阅读


Given two numbers, hour and minutes. Return the smaller angle (in degrees) formed between the hour and the minute hand.


Example 1:

Input: hour = 12, minutes = 30
Output: 165


func angleClock(hour int, minutes int) float64 {
    hourDelta := (float64(minutes)/60)*30
    hourA := float64(hour)*30 + hourDelta
    minuteA := (float64(minutes)/60)*360
    if abs(minuteA - hourA) > 180 {
        if minuteA > hourA {
            return abs(minuteA - hourA - 360)
        } else {
            return abs(hourA - minuteA - 360)
    return abs(minuteA - hourA)

func abs(a float64) float64 {
    if a < 0 {
        return 0 - a
    return a
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